Caring Pharmacy


Leidinio pavadinimas

A fun 20-episode promotional series of a silent-black-and-white style “Rūpestinga vaistinė” [Caring Pharmacy] deals with daily health problems of people. All roads lead to the pharmacy where the wise Provizor, Assistant, and the beautiful Laboratory Technician work. They understand the customers of the pharmacy even without words. “I know what you need!” – says the Provizor as he finds the best solution. Cheerful mood and practical advice to television viewers are brought by “Gintarinė vaistinė”, who always enjoys taking care of you.

Author of the idea and the script of the series: Imandra Nekrošiūtė-Daukšienė
Director: Vygantas Bachmackij
Provizor (actor Darius Meškauskas)
Assistant (actor Arnoldas Augustaitis)
The beautiful Laboratory Technician (actress Rūta Šmergelytė)