Credit and Interest


It is a financial-educational fairy tale for children and their parents about responsible borrowing of money, about words of wisdom spoken by Credit and Interest to the forest residents about the ways they could improve their lives by borrowing money responsibly and by using it wisely for their domestic or business needs. Mouse Crisis, encouraged by Mouse Buck, came to Credit and Interest, borrowed money, established a knitting cave “Virbalas” and repaid the debt. Unfortunately, not all forest animals understand that success would not smile upon them without work and efforts: they must have an aim, they must be willing to work, earn some money, and repay the debt. Thus the same main rule applies both in the fairy tale and in life: “Borrow prudently and responsibly! First of all evaluate your possibilities to repay the debt and borrow only then!”
This is the fifth book for children by this author.
The fairy tale was illustrated by painter Herta Matulionytė-Burbienė.
The book is oriented to pre-school-aged children and junior schoolchildren.