Sodra’s Umbrella


It is an educational fairy tale for children about state social insurance (, about Sodra’s mission to create a safe social environment where everyone would feel safe and taken care of. The protagonist in this fairy tale is a girl named Aušrinė listening to a compelling story about Sodra’s work and concerns told by her grandfather. The fairy tale depicts realistic events faced by people as they become involved in special situations. The book tells the young readers about the importance of social insurance: if you are under Sodra’s umbrella, if your mother and father work, if they have insurance, then no misfortunes should concern you.
Drawings by painter Vida Alesienė depict the girl’s contemplations about Aunty Sodra, who accompanies a person his whole life.
This is the fourth book for children by this author.
The book is oriented to pre-school-aged children and junior schoolchildren.