Treasure of Coins


It is a financial-educational fairy tale for children about history of money, about the evolution of money: from animal fur, salt, shells to tinkly coins. A treasure of coins discovered by Long-Nose Moneygrubber unexpectedly falls into the hands of Screech-Owl, chronicler of the forest, who gives shelter to the coins, listens and writes down the history of the birth of money. The Owl receives some help from Goddess Coin, who patronizes and helps money to get from one end of the world to another one, from one hand to another one.
Shekel, Drachma, Ducat, Silver Rod, the first coin Stateras, Ecu, Guinea, Lithuanian Litas and other coins follow the lead of the wise Owl and find their true home: the Money Museum. Do you find it hard to believe? Then visit the Money Museum ( – you will not only see happy coins, but you will also meet the Screech-Owl.
This is the sixth book for children by this author.
The fairy tale was illustrated by painter Herta Matulionytė-Burbienė.
The book is oriented to pre-school-aged children and junior schoolchildren.