I and My Doctor


It is an educational fairy tale about children’s preventive visits to an out-patient clinic, about the importance of regular visits to see their doctor. After all a doctor is a White Fairy who can tell everything about health, anticipate a disease and prevent it.

The action takes place in Jonukas’ family where he lives with his mum, dad, and bunny Baimis. Jonukas is on the phone with his grandmother explaining the benefits of regular visits to the doctor to her, about diseases that like playing hide and seek and that only the doctor could notice them. Only the doctor knows how to strengthen your body systems, what vitamins and supplements should be taken. Jonukas gets to find out many new things when he visits the doctor: how much he has grown over the year, if his eyes and ears were healthy, if his blood was good, if his spine was straight, how his lungs and heart were working. The grandmother took Jonukas advice and decided to visit her doctor. Even dad promised to take their family car to a car repair shop to see the “car doctor”. It seems that even bunny Baimis eventually was getting braver.

Creation of the fairy tale was ordered by Vilnius Territorial Health Insurance Fund. The readers of magazine “Tipu Tapu” are welcome to make their own fairy tale – mini book by taking out the middle page of the magazine, bending and cutting the page and putting the small pages to a mini book.

The fairy tale was illustrated by painter Eglė Šablevičiūtė-Gaigalienė.