Provizor Vilhelmas


It is an educational fairy tale for children about a pharmacy, about the wise medication researcher and inventor Provizor Vilhelmas, who learns secrets-recipes of natural health through communication with animals: wild animals, birds, by decoding secrets embedded in the Baltic amber. According to Vilhelmas, “a human being is a part of the nature and only nature knows how to heal him… This is why we need to turn back to the nature and draw wisdom from it.”
The action takes place many years ago on the sea shore where the Pharmacy with a herb garden has been established in an old wooden house. The main characters of the fairy tale are: Provizor Vilhelmas, his loyal friend Žaltys Longisima, Vilhelmas’ son Oskaras Širdelė and daughter Apolonija Žiedė, who win the battle against Diseases, who attacked the town.
The fairy tale is based on the history of “Gintarinė vaistinė” (, its current slogan: “We enjoy taking care of you”. The fairy tale has some similarities to the old Palanga Pharmacy, which later on joined the network of “Gintarinė vaistinė”.
This is the seventh book for children by this author.
The fairy tale was illustrated by painter Rūta Savickienė.
The book is oriented to pre-school-aged children and junior schoolchildren.